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8(to)7 is making quantum encryption accessible and easy to use, for private use or for your company




What is a quantum resistant encryption?
8(to)7 is quantum-proof, quantum-safe, or quantum-resistant. Our algorithms are built and developed to ensure that your data remains secure against cryptanalytic attacks by quantum computers.”

What is the difference between de versions 1 2 3 4 5?
Guardium for Personal use version: 3.basic-4-Master-5.Professional

Vector for Busines use version: 0-Basic-1-Master-2-Professional

Dimension for Enterprise is the ultimate solution: a professional ecosystem that incorporates quantum-resistant encryption with unmatched speed, data compression capabilities, and a comprehensive maintenance service package encompassing both hardware and software, coupled with 24/7 live support. For more information, contact us today.”

Why do I have to make an account to use this software?
Your  account is required to obtain a unique serial number, ID number, and license tied to a specific profile.
This enables the program to be identified and receive future updates.”

Be ready for post quantum encryption

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