Protect your passwords and data easy with the robust 8(to)7 Quantum Vault

Take charge of access to your sensitive data and secure it with identity-based quantum-resistant encryption.

Secure your online identity and

financial resources with

8 (To)7 Quantum Vault.


“Quantum Vault is a 8(to)7 dedicated (virtual) server designed exclusively for the protection of your data. It’s a secure space inaccessible to anyone else. Here, your files are encrypted using Quantum-resistant encryption technology, protected by a Vault encrypted password. All your data is stored in compliance with data privacy regulations of your country. You can encrypt and store any type of file, whether it’s plain text, audio, or video.”.

“The risk of becoming a cyber-attack victim is more significant than most people realize. Incidents like identity theft, online credit fraud, and thousands of daily cyberattacks occur worldwide. The most common problem? Once a hacker bypasses your password, all your personal and financial data becomes vulnerable.

With a Quantum Vault, you not only get a secure place for all your data but also peace of mind. Knowing that your data, including your password, is shielded behind a Quantum-resistant encryption wall, you can rest assured. Whether it’s personal, family, or business data, all the Quantum Vault content remains inaccessible to unwanted visitors.”


Easily access your personal Vault by using your primary Master account password. If you need a strong password, our password generator is here to help.

Based on extensive security audits by multiple cybersecurity firms, a sufficiently diverse 64-character password would require billions, if not trillions, of years to be cracked. The longer your password, the more difficult it becomes to guess, thus enhancing the security of your account.

This is precisely why the 8(to)7 password generator offers passwords with 64 characters, including special symbols, to maximize your security.

With the use of your encrypted stored password,
you can easily get access to all your encrypted files

You have the flexibility to encrypt files on your local drive and then upload the encrypted files into your vault. Alternatively, you can access your vault and encrypt any file directly from there. Furthermore, you can seamlessly transfer encrypted files between your vault and your computer, allowing for both downloads and uploads.

For recovery options, we offer a recovery kit. We recommend creating a file containing all your account information, including your master password, and using our interface to encrypt it. Store this encrypted file in a secure location. Alternatively, you can email the encrypted file to yourself and use our interface to decrypt it when needed. This way, you always have a means to regain access to your files.

Please be aware that this recovery kit is only effective with the master password of the 8(to)7 Vault. In the case of lost passwords for encrypted files, whether stored locally or in the Vault, users should exercise extreme caution and responsibility. It’s crucial to remember that 8(to)7 does not possess the capability to recover or access encrypted data in the event of a lost or forgotten password. Users are solely responsible for securely managing and recalling their encryption passwords.
Read more on Lost passwords here:
Terms and Use page

8(to)7 uses Quantum-resistant encryption for its Vault
This type of encryption is designed to withstand attacks from quantum computers, which have the potential to break many traditional encryption methods. By employing quantum-resistant encryption, 8(to)7 ensures that your data remains secure even in the face of advanced computing technology. This approach enhances the protection of sensitive information and contributes to a higher level of data security

“Experience the convenience and security of our Quantum vault which lets you easily manage and access all your Personal data, payment, and banking information in one Encrypted location.

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