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1.1 By using, visiting, accessing and/or registering with Eight to Seven | Naveol https://eighttoseven.com/ (including all content available through this Website), you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and the terms and conditions of our privacy policy which can be found here and which are incorporated in these Terms by reference. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms (as amended from time to time), then please do not use this Website.

1.2 We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete parts of these Terms at any time and without further notice. Such amendments shall be effective upon posting the revised Terms on the Website.

1.3 These Terms are binding on Members and on non-Members who access and use the Website (“Users”)

  1. Access and Use of this Website

We hereby grant you permission to use the Website in accordance with these Terms, provided that (a) you use the Website solely for your personal, non-commercial use (b) you will not copy or distribute any part of the Website without our prior written authorisation (c) you will not alter, modify, edit or otherwise change any part of the Website other than as may be reasonably necessary to use the Website for its intended purpose and (d) that you will comply with these Terms.

  1. Registration and account security

3.1 To activate your Encryption due a Unique license number and to receive email subscriptions, you will need to create an account, registering as a Member. You are not allowed to use another Member’s account unless you have his or her permission to do so.

3.2 You are solely responsible and liable for any activity occurring on your account, and you must keep your account password secret. You must inform us immediately of any breach of security or unauthorised use of your account by emailing us at info@eighttoseven.com. We will investigate any security breaches and we have the right to suspend or terminate the account immediately. We will not be liable for any losses caused by the unauthorised use of your account, but you may be liable for our or other users’ losses caused by such unauthorised use.

  1. Newsletter Subscription Emails

4.1 When you register an account with us, you will be asked whether you would like to receive different newsletter email subscriptions. If you do not want to receive such email subscriptions, please do not check any of the boxes.

4.2 If you want to unsubscribe from an email newsletter subscription, please email use the link at the top of the newsletters or email nfo@eighttoseven.com

4.3 You agree that our content, trademarks, copyright, patents, logos, domain names and other related intellectual property rights belong to us and/or our affiliates or licensors and you will not do any act that infringes those rights.

  1. Rights in the Comments

8.1 We do not claim any proprietary rights in the comments that you post on our Website cq Blogpage . You agree that you shall be solely responsible for your own comments and affirm that the comments you post on the Website are your own.

8.2 You retain all your ownership, copyright and other interests and rights in your comments but by posting any comments on our Website you grant us a non-exclusive irrevocable and royalty free worldwide licence to use, modify, alter, edit copy, reproduce, display, make compilations of and distribute such comments throughout our Website.

8.3 You shall be solely responsible for your own postings and the consequences of posting or publishing them. You retain all your proprietary rights in your postings.

8.4 You agree that you will not post falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage us or any third party and that you will refrain from posting any Offensive Material.

8.5 You agree not to post advertisements or solicitations of business.

  1. Notification of Abuse Procedures

9.1 We have in place a procedure by which Users may notify us of any abuse and non-compliance with the Terms; for example, if you see a comment posted on the Website that is offensive, you should be able to notify us by sending an email to info@eighttoseven.com. You should notify us of any comment posted on the Website that constitutes Offensive Material.

9.2 We will try to remove or delete any such comments as soon as practicable and may take any further action as we deem necessary.

9.3 If you have any complaints related to copyright, please write to info@eighttoseven.com.

  1. Data Protection

13.1 We aim to comply with the applicable Data Protection legislation from time to time in place.

13.2 We will disclose your personal data if we are requested to do so by law or by any regulatory or governmental authority, or upon receipt of a court order or a legitimate request by a third party (for example, the police) in investigating illegal activities to provide information concerning your activities on the Website.

13.3 We reserve the right to notify or provide information to the relevant authority if we believe that you have carried out or are in the process of carrying out any illegal activity.

13.4 If you agree (during the registration process or when entering competitions and other activities) to receive information/offers, etc from other companies (for example marketing and advertising companies), then we may pass your personal information and/or your activities on the Website to other companies.

13.5 We reserve the right to store and use your personal data solely for our own internal purposes and we reserve the right to access, monitor and retrieve password protected information in order to fulfil our obligations, both legal and as established under these Terms.

  1. Termination

14.1 We may terminate your registration and account with us immediately and without notice (without prejudice to our other rights and remedies) and we may delete any comments you have posted on the Website.

14.2 You may terminate your account with us at any time on this page 

  1. Severance of Terms

If the whole or part of any term or provision in these Terms is to any extent held to be void, invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law, that term or provision or part of it shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this agreement, and the validity and enforceability of the remainder of these Terms shall not be affected.

“Encryption & Decryption Terms & Disclaimer
In the event of losing your encryption keys, 8(to)7 does not (or has) provide any means for assisting in the recovery of your encrypted files or folders. Additionally, 8(to)7 has no access to your encrypted data.
We strongly advise creating backup files of your keys or sharing them with a trusted individual.”
The 8(to)7 Encryption ecosystem is designed without any backdoors, ensuring that neither individuals, companies, nor governments can access your encrypted files.
“8(to)7 operates as standalone software. If you choose to enhance our ecosystem’s security with a third-party password generator and subsequently lose that password, please note that we have no means of recovering it.”

Key and Password Recovery Tips from 8(to)7:
1-Create a backup file containing your keys and passwords, storing them in a separate location.
2-Share your keys and passwords with a trusted individual.
3-Write down your keys and passwords and mail them to yourself for safekeeping.”

  1. Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms (as amended from time to time) are exclusively governed by and are construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute or any proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms, save that we have the right to commence and pursue proceedings in alternative jurisdictions.

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