The First Unhackable Molecular AI based Encryption It will make data hacking Impossible.

The easiest way to secure all your Data

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Everything you need of a Encryption

Fastest Encryption in the world

Compared with Homomorphic,Deterministic and Blowfish 8(to)7 is 50% faster & 100% more secured

Secure cryptographic

We incorporates speed and 100% dynamic encryption plus iceberg coding

Floting keys algorithm

8(to)7 algorithm uses fast genetic transformation of the encryption algorithm according to multifactor data variability

Your Private Encryption

Start to Encrypt any type of format you want and create Unhackable data & passwords for all your systems

 8(to)7 helps businesses run quickly and more secure



8(to)7 gives you power tools to create and manage unhackable date & passwords, so you can strengthen privacy and boost productivity online from any device or location. Protect your online data using 8(to)7 floating keys algorithm
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A special case of 8(to)7 NaVeOl method application is data encryption program – NaVeOl Script. This successful algorithmic solution makes the program a compact and efficient solution for any type of business.

Work more productively and power up your protection 

Easy to use

Download consolidate, Encrypt and create Unhackable data and passwords for all your Data and users accounts

Easy Payment System

Encryption as a Service now also available as a subscription choose between Monthly or Yearly

Fastest Encryption platform in the world today

Compared with Homomorphic,Deterministic and Blowfish 8(to)7 is 50% faster & 100% more secured

Choose the Encryption that fit your needs

Small Business

A perfect plan for Startups small sized businesses, even with small funds you can still deploy and enjoy unhackable Encryption A 8(to)7 plan for up to 99 users no tech-how required

Medium Business

A perfect plan for business who have growth potential our Encryption growth with your needs A 8(to)7 plan for between 100 and 500 users basic tech-how required


A perfect plan for large organisations Create unhackable data for office Workers and Home workers A 8(to)7 plan for 500 users or more medium tech-how required

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