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NaVeol, an Industrial Encryption and Compression solutions provider, operates under the umbrella of 8(to)7 Holdings. Their services are accessible through various means, including SaaS and Standalone methods, encompassing Hardware, Software, Services, and Content, all tailored to secure a wide range of file types.

The company is centrally headquartered in the Netherlands, boasting a significant European footprint. NaVeol’s versatile Encryption and Compression solutions, offered in models such as ‘Pay as You Go’ and ‘Post Quantum Encryption on Servers,’ have achieved a global presence. They have earned the trust of numerous multinational corporations, including those ranked among the world’s top 100 enterprises.”

Meet the Minds Behind Unhackable Encryption

A decade ago, in the heart of a bustling metropolis, Yve Bester and their co-founder, Dr. Eugene embarked on a journey that would redefine the world of data security. Their names might not be household names yet, but their impact on the digital landscape is immeasurable. This is the story of the visionaries behind 8(to)7 Encryption.

It all began in a modest university lab, where Yve Bester and Dr. Eugene first crossed paths. They shared a passion for cryptography and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Fueled by their combined expertise, they envisioned a world where data would be impervious to even the most advanced cyber threats.

The Decade-Long Odyssey:

For ten years, Yve Bester and their brilliant co-founder toiled relentlessly. They pushed the boundaries of mathematics, delved into the mysteries of quantum mechanics, and explored uncharted territories in computer science. Their goal was audacious: to create encryption that was truly unbreakable.

The Eureka Moment:

After countless sleepless nights, the breakthrough came. They had done it. They had cracked the code to unhackable encryption. It wasn’t just a new algorithm; it was an entire ecosystem that would change the way the world thought about data security.

From Vision to Reality:

Over the years, the prototype evolved into the formidable encryption system known today as 8(to)7. But it wasn’t just about developing cutting-edge technology; it was about ensuring that this technology would be accessible to all who needed it. That’s why 8(to)7 is not just an encryption system; it’s a promise of security for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide.

Our Legacy:

Today, Yve Bester stands as a pioneer in the field of encryption. Their journey from a bold idea to a world-changing reality is a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of excellence. With 8(to)7 Encryption, their vision of unhackable Post Quantum Encryption & security is now a reality, safeguarding data across the globe.

Join us in celebrating the visionary who dared to dream of a safer digital world, and discover the power of 8(to)7 Encryption for yourself.

The HSM. From CloudHSM, Users Can Generate Keys, Send Them To HSM’s For Storage, Use Them In Applications And Securely Delete Them.

Naveol 8(to)7 is an established expert in the development and production of hardware security modules (HSM). Naveol eighttoseven’s HSMs provide a wide range of cryptographic services such as secure key storage and generation, digital signatures, and the protection of sensitive data.