Ar you a bachelor in computer science, information technology, mathematics,  cybersecurity or just an Techgeek with amazing skills
Or you have a PhD on Cryptography?

Than join now the 8(to)7 Hacking competition

We challenge you to hack or crack our encryption ecosystem and present evidence against our claims.

                                  If successful, you shall be rewarded with eternal glory and $100,000.


Our background

In 2012, a group of experienced technology professionals gathered to pursue one goal: create an unbreakable encryption. With expertise in fields such as data science, algorithm development, and electrical engineering, they made a pact to not rest until their objective was achieved. Fast forward to 2022, and the 8-to-7 team has successfully launched their Unhackable Encryption solution. A key aspect of the algorithm is the ability to perform lossless compression of white noise up to 12.5%. Now, the challenge was to make these solutions industry-friendly. In the final stages of development, the team's electrical engineers and data scientists produced a consumer-friendly version with dedicated portals for the Encryption and the compressor. The result was two intuitive interfaces: Unhackable Encryption Portal/Interface Compressed White Noise Portal/Interface

The launch

On D-Day, we were all feeling the pressure, but we took the leap and launched a website with critical information about our solutions. We then shared the page on our social media channels. The response was explosive, with thousands of views and comments pouring in within days. The phrase "Unhackable Encryption" caught the attention of experts worldwide, generating a mix of positive, interesting, and even dismissive feedback. We found the reactions amusing because we knew we had something truly innovative that had never been achieved before. But we didn't stop there. We also shared our "Compressing White Noise" solution on social media, which again sparked thousands of views and comments, ranging from curiosity to skepticism. We anticipated such responses, given that this phenomenon is not well-known worldwide. Even today, only a handful of scientists are investigating it.

Our Believe

Our company comprises data scientists, algorithm developers, electrical engineers, candidates of sciences in mathematics and binary coding, and PhDs in discrete mathematics and graph theory. We are a team of highly intelligent individuals who share a common goal. However, we recognized the importance of marketing and decided to establish a marketing division. They developed "The 8(to)7 Encryption Challenge," which we are 200% confident that no expert in these fields can prove us wrong. After nine years of extensive scientific research, we achieved what was once thought to be impossible, including an unhackable encryption and lossless compression of white noise up to 12.5%. So, if you believe you can disprove our achievements, we invite you to participate in this challenge.

Who can participate?

If you have a professional or scientific background in data science, algorithm development, electrical engineering, candidates of sciences in mathematics or binary coding, discrete mathematics, or graph theory, we welcome you to prove us wrong. How does it work? Once you request to participate, we will grant you 100% access to all our source codes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet the scientists who invented these solutions, and we will provide you with the tools to create your own unhackable encryption and the tool for compressing white noise. There is no time frame for this challenge, so take as much time as you need.

hacking compittion

You can share any number and type of files with us, and we will encrypt them during a live session.
Moreover, we will provide you with the de-encryption keys, and still you will not be able to crack or hack

Legal Notice: If you are a professional currently employed in a position that 8(to)7 considers to be competitive, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before participating in our challenge. The legal basis for an NDA is as follows: 8(to)7 holds multiple patents on the process methodology used in our encryption and compression solutions. While 8(to)7 patents have been published,The core of our theoretical methodology is not open source due to two reasons: 1) the sensitive documentation of 8(to)7’s clients, and 2) competitive challenges. The source code will only be made available to those who participate in our challenge.